Creating A Monsta

by Krowne

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The fourth EP from Irish, Edinburgh-based producer KROWNE continues the cosmic, scientifically-inspired journey begun on ORDERS FROM MARS, and continued on QUANTUM LIVING and DISTORTED THOUGHTS. Journeying through hip-hop, techno, electro and deep bass sounds, CREATING A MONSTA is a slick, digital Frankenstein’s monster for the cyber age.

“In this EP I’ve tried to cut to the bone of what I feel is my style and sound. I’m always trying to do something a bit different from my previous releases, and evolve my music in an even more sci-fi direction,” says Krowne.

Featuring collaborations and remixes from TEXTURE, ASTHMATIC ASTRONAUT and JIMMY THE HIDEOUS PENGUIN, the album explores the idea of artificial intelligence on tracks like Girl 2.0. “It’s about a man who builds a replica of a previous wife / partner,” Krowne explains. “He explains how the replica is so much better in several different ways. Truly geeky Bladeunner-style material.”

The remixes come from two excellent, leftfield producers: “I choose AA and Jimmy the Hideous Penguin to do remixes because I knew they would deliver something warped and out of the box,” says Krowne. “AA and myself also work together under the name Kromatic, which is our Crunk Music alter-ego. AA is a natural choice for me as I trust his thinking, style and pure creativity when it comes to music. I’ve known Jimmy for a long time, ten years now, and he has always been very creative.” Jimmy is based in Galway, and runs Community Scratch and Alkalinear Recordings. “He is an amazing turntablist, taking it to new levels,” Krowne enthuses.

Heavily inspired by science fiction, Krowne references Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequels, and his classic The City and the Stars, as well as Philip K. Dick classics Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Dr. Blood Money, not to mention Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku, a scientific book exploring the technology of classic science fiction.





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