The Truth Loves To Dance Naked

by Immaculate Emotion Engines

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Back in the early 2000s, a band from Edinburgh burst onto the collective consciousness of hip-hop with a thrilling, imaginative, visceral and fantastical new approach to rap. They were the Penpushers, and with densely literate, evocative lyrics, taking in everything from philosophy to science fiction and classical literature, and forward-thinking, complex production style, they redefined what hip-hop could mean for a generation of rappers, poets and producers.

The Penpushers went on to release two albums and three EPs, constantly pushing at the boundaries of what was considered ‘the real’ in hip-hop. That generation of their disciples went on to form Black Lantern Music. Now, the cycle completes, as members of the former Penpushers roster join Black Lantern to announce their new incarnation: Immaculate Emotion Engines.

Evolved in parallel with the Anticon movement, Penpushers’ take on hip-hop was deeply experimental, but also melodic and inventive, often infused with haunting, sing-song vocals and psychedelic samples. As such, it was embraced not just by hip-hop fans (in fact, Penpushers often attempted to distance themselves from hip-hop in interviews), but by fans of indie, pop music and avant-garde electronica as well.

Immaculate Emotion Engines continue this tradition on The Truth Loves To Dance Naked, alternating between lightning-fast, heavily-spat rhymes and playful, infectious pop hooks. Lyrically, the depth of questing intelligence on show proves that Edgar Allen Woe, aka God Particle, formerly known as Longface, has lost none of his humour or intelligence. The beats meanwhile showcase Walter Ego, aka Ice Giant, formerly known as Kimo, on fine form, with a storehouse of sampled instrumentation, snatches of film dialogue and expansive, space-age beats.

Immaculate Emotion Engines are here to redefine avant-garde hip-hop for the twenty-first century, just as Penpushers did before them. They are the pure, uncut, (sur)real. The band issued the following statement:

“We are Immaculate Emotion Engines. Formally known as Lost Love Launch. Previously has beens…THE PENPUSHERS! If you’re gonna send someone to save the world make sure they like it the way it is…

Beyond the valley of the dolls, the faint rumble in the distance, are the purring engines of your extinction.

We are the multi-dimensional men of anger, hypomyth, hard light holographic band members with built-in sigmont fraudulent moodswing modulators… We are gallivanting spacemen making music with solar powered calculators… All aboard hail bop and lets save hip-hop no matter how much you hate it.”

"When metal meets flesh and there’s nothing left
Mechanical love will withstand all wars
Let’s face it the universe is what you make it…
The Craft must have clothes but
The Truth always Loves To Dance Naked!!!"


released September 1, 2012

All tracks by Edgar Allen Woe, aka God Particle and Walter Ego, aka Ice Giant.




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Label based in Scotland, releasing hip-hop, electronic and experimental music. Founded 2009.

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