Red River

by Tickle

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red river
beat by asthmatic astronaut
aa gave me red river as a birthday beat in october 2008. i love the beat and i hate our slow slide in to a neo-corporatist global fascist super state. :D

my wee tribe
beat by thomas the search engine
ttse played me my wee tribe in 2003 and i wrote lyrics for it as quickly as i could before anyone else jumped on it. the instrumental still makes my head bob every time i hear it.

call to action
beat by rennie
rennie gave me call to action at the start of the summer of 2005. while rennie has changed the tune a lot since then some things don't change and britain is still dropping bombs in the middle east.

shout outs to asthmatic astronaut / thomas the search engine / rennie / texture / harlequinade / sa`lamanders / symatic / lg / brad manners / morphamish / owen green / krowne / shit hop ninja terminators / mo-seph / lifeshows / kev cad / eaters / sileni / church of when the shit hits the fan / godmanwho / 2nd nature / kromatic / underling / the old school aberdeen crew / anyone else who i can't think of right now.

- tickle


released November 2, 2011

all lyrics by tickle
mastered by asthmatic astronaut
photos by basil




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Label based in Scotland, releasing hip-hop, electronic and experimental music. Founded 2009.

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